Over 24 Years Experience

Schmauss Auction was developed from years of selling farm machinery and locating equipment for clients. Now we can provide a full service for buyers and sellers.

Schmauss Auction is based out of the Eagle Grove/Woolstock Iowa area with the main lot being located in Woolstock. Wherever the sale may be, we are equipped to travel with an auction truck, trailer, and a team to serve you.

At Schmauss Auction, we take pride in our business and offer professional representation for you and your property. We will always provide you with a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. Not to mention, we have an outstanding customer base, bringing you the best market value for your items.

No auction is too big or too small, we can handle them all!

We specialize in anything from consignment, farm machinery, retirement, to household and personal property.
We can do onsite or online sales.
We also enjoy helping with any live auctions at fundraisers and benefits. 

Contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Kevin A. Schmauss - Owner/President


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